MRR Radio July 2014 with WARSONG

On the last day of their West Coast tour, WARSONG from Zaragoza swing by the MRR HQ for a late night radio show, joined by their US punk-docent Lena of No Nostalgia Recs ( Beer and conversation flowed, in English and Spanish, while Tim Yo’s ghost fucked with our speeds! Salud! Viva Zaragoza punk!

Zaragoza punks, Warsong

Click below for the track list and audio link.

MRR Radio #1410 • 7/20/14

Intro song:
WARSONG – Restitution

XAXAXA – Indie, Independent, Fan Fanatic
AUTISTIC YOUTH – Couriers of Kings
POLISKITZO – Niños Suicidas
THE BELLICOSE MINDS – Tension Building

UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE – Vaixells Oblidats (Forgotten Ships)
BIKINI KILL – Jigsaw Youth
IV REICH – Genocidio
ACCIDENTE – Las Victorias Màs Bellas

EATER – Room for One
SUDOR – Tu Coche, Tu Casa y Tu Novia
NOI!SE – Brothers in Arms
THE RIVIENAS – California Sun

POL POT – The One
RIZILLOS – Joaquin
LA URSS – Dicen
NOVEDADES CARMINHA – Te Vas Con Cualquiera

SUICIDAS – Contra el Suelo de Hormigòn
OTAN – Esto Es el Punk
KOLLAA KESTAA – Tata Oli Elamani
STRESS – Aghos
COPY CATS – Blood Is the Way

Outro song:
THE SCAM – All By Myself

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