Guest on SHEXD Radio, Toronto

I am chuffed to say that the fabulous ladies at ShequalizingXDistort radio in Toronto invited me on to their show. I spoke a bit about the up-coming MRR festival and picked a last-minute closer track 🙂

Thanks again to Märji, Chlöe, Sardé and Zöe. Overall my stay in Toronto for those few days in December was marked by strong, smart, creative and resourceful young women, each of them active in their way and scene in a plethora of ways.

Was great to be in the CIUT 895 FM studio on campus, housed in a beautiful old building, that Nuria and I adventurously lost our way in.


SHEXD Volume 7 was in full effect featuring programmer/hosts from left to right Lydia, Märji, Chlöe, Sardé, Zöe, and Nuria. You can download the show here.

Click below for the track list and audio link.

VANILLA POPPERS – Pleasure Rush (Blowblood)

CHROMA – El Poder (Self-Released)
PROM NITE – Friendly Boy (Self-Released)
PARANOID – Bouryoku (D-Tank & Råpunk)

THE CURE – I want to be old (Early Demo)
NEGATIVE RAGE – Fear II (Self-Released)
FIREWALKER – Nothing Left (Failure Recordings)
THE LOWEST FORM – Comin’ Down Ruff (Iron Lung)

Lydia of MRR and Nuria of Frau join the show.

MUERTE – Falsedad (SPHC)
KREMLIN – Anti-Septic (Hardware)
CONDITION – Indictment (Iron Lung)
S.H.I. – Green Horse (Crust War)

ABSOLUT – Wage of Fear (Beach Impediment)
OAF – Cheat II (Deranged)
LATEX – Losing Game (World Gone Mad)

Interview with Kathryn Martin , filmmaker for Piss on You
Interview with Kathryn Martin , filmmaker for Piss on You
STRETCH MARKS – Old Man Understand (Psyche Industries)
Interview with Kathryn Martin , filmmaker for Piss on You
THE NOSTRILS – I’m Vile (Punk History Canada)
Interview with Kathryn Martin , filmmaker for Piss on You
PERSONALITY CRISIS – Twilight’s Last Gleaming (Risky)

To order a copy of “Piss On You” please contact the filmmaker Kathryn Martin directly at

X-RAY SPEX – I Live Off You (EMI)
CRASS – Do They Owe Us a Living (CRASS)
CIANURO – Uno (Self-Released)
DISCHARGE – The Nightmare Continues (Clay)

ALTERNATIVE TV – Life (Deptford Fun City)
WIRE – Outdoor Miner (Emotional Response)
RATA NEGRA – Corasones (Self-Released)
ANTI-VIBES – Monotomy (Self-Released)

PANDIMIA – Divine Tragedy (Maximum Rocknroll)


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