heavymetal“Hysteria. Static Frustration. Broke as shit.”

With a name as generic as it is ingenious, and an attitude that’s as snarky as it is senile, HEAVY METAL have not only blurred the thin line between scathing joke and downright unhinged, they’ve done away with it completely. In its place, 29 minutes of pissed off piss taking, sonically fucked up and fucked with. With thirteen tracks—clocking in at an average of 2.20 minutes each—HEAVY METAL’s first record plays like a deranged audio collage of freak events—uncomfortably enjoyable in its oxymoronic glory. Grating chords and repetitive riffs, verbal hostility dripping with snarling critique; drums that crash and bang in a trance—a right racket—and cerebral synths and catchy electro beats dropping in like they’re tripping out. The noisy, shambolic production perfectly matches the surreal compositions, which are a deliberate blend of the absurdly simple with the simply absurd.

Standout tracks: Don’t Call Me Brother, Haywired, Here Come’s Sparky, Staring at the Rich Kids, Total Bullshit

Notable comments: “Wow, it’s like the Germs or Zounds covering Devo on speed or something” and “it’s on a completely different plane of existence,” as well as “How the hell can you listen to this noisy shit?”

Out now Static Age Records, and with a new record already in the works!


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