Storm Stereo #17: Deep Listening

Inspired by and in memory of Pauline Oliveros and her concept of deep listening, I prepared a show sans commentary. What’s the point of words anyway?

“When I like something, then I discover something that I have been before, that is profoundly already within me. It resonates, like a piano that you hit.”

—Karlheinz Stockhausen on music

“When I hear what we call music, it seems to me that someone is talking – and talking about his feelings or about his ideas of relationships. I don’t need sound to talk to me.”

—John Cage on silence

Our individual probability of existing right now is 1 in 550,343,279,001. Don’t waste time on fear; you never know when you’ll be back at zero.

With love from Cygnus X-1


The Activity of Sound

JOHN CAGE – About Silence

AMY DENIO – The Time Before (1988)

PAULINE OLIVEROS – A Love Song (1985)

K. LEIMER – Very Tired (1983)

PIERRE DUTOUR – Deer Forest (1979)

JOHN CAGE – Dream (1948)

LAURIE SPIEGEL – Appalachian Grove II (2001)

ELODIE LAUTEN – Revelation (1983)

SUZANNE CIANI – Paris (1971)

ELIANE RADIGUE – Stress-Osaka (1969)

JOHANNA M. BEYER – Music of the Spheres (1983)

PROF. RUSSOLO – The Art of Noises Manifesto (1913)


IANNIS XENAKIS – Diamorphoses (1957)


JOHN CHORNING – Stria (1977)

ALVIN CURRAN – Canti Illuminati (1982)

TERRY RILEY – Poppy Nogood (1969)

MORTON SUBOTNICK – Silver Apples of the Moon (1967)

ALVIN LUCIER – Music on a Long Thin Wire (1980)

MARYANNE AMACHER – Synaptic Island (1999)

TONY CONRAD – Four Violins (1997)

VELIMIR KHLEBNIKOV – The Radio of the Future (1921)

SERGEY KURYOKHIN – Psychedelics (1981)

LOKE RAHBEK – En Nat Væk (2016)

GLOCHIDS – Plummi (JS Aurelius mix, 2014)

CROATIAN AMOR – Any Life You Want (2016)

DELIA DERBYSHIRE – A Capella Liturgica (1964)





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