Greek Punk Mixtape


A few months ago MRR Radio asked me to do a guest show for them focusing on Greek punk. Based on that, I figured i would do a mixtape with some of my personal favourite Greek punk tracks from 1983 to 2016. You can listen to that radio show below.

As for the tapes: Final wholesale orders went out today (12/4/17) and I will try and do another run of 100 or so tapes after the summer – maybe get a bunch made in the UK as well – I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can get copies, while they last, at the below distros.

For copies, visit:

Static Shock Musik in Berlin, Germany

Trapdoor in Münster, Germany

Kostas in Stockholm, Sweden (

Juan Carlos in Texas, USA (

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 4.37.37 PM.png

If you like what you hear, consider checking out the bands online and buying their records or going to their shows. Greece is not the easiest place to get to (or leave!) and we always enjoy and appreciate the international connection! I am not in Athens at the moment, but am working on a post for punks who are traveling here with some ideas for things to do and places to see, so stray tuned for that too at some point.

Until the next episode of Storm Stereo, coming soon, go here to check out previous episodes, or go here to download MP3s of both Storm Stereo shows and the Greek Punk Mixtape. Please note the MP3s and the mixtape tracks are not exactly the same, and not in the exact same order, but it’s basically the same set of songs. Either way, MP3 tracklisting follows below.

If you have any questions about this tape, the radio show, Greek punk or anything in between, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at

Until next time, stay posi, stay strong! With love from outer space



METRO DECAY – Kimília / Remnants (1983)

EX-HUMANS – Enófeli Epivíosi / Pointless Survival (1984)

ΣΤΡΕΣΣ / STRESS – ‘Anghos / Stress (1985)

ΑΔΙΕΞΟΔΟ / ADIEXODO – Soundtrack yia Odomahíes / Soundtrack for Street Fighting (1985)

ΓΕΝΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΧΑΟΥΣ / CHAOS GENERATION – Kinoniká Ypoproiónta / Social Byproducts (1985)

ANTI… – ‘Anthropi Fytá / Human Plants (1986)

ΟΡΑ ΜΗΔΕΝ / ORA MIDEN – Thánato stus Piités / Death to Poets (1988)

ΟΡΑ ΜΗΔΕΝ / ORA MIDEN – Mona Liza (1989)

ΝΑΥΤΙΑ / ΝΑUSEA – Hrysí Neoléa / Golden Youth (1989)

GULAG – Apología / Apology (1989)

ΧΟΑΤΙΚΗ ΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΗ / CHAOTIC DIMENSION – Kommatiká Exartiméni / Political Party Dependant (1993)

ΠΙΣΣΑ ΚΑΙ ΠΟΥΠΟΥΛΑ / PISSA KE POUPOULA – Xypnáte, Pethéno! / Wake UP, I’m Dying! (1993)

PANX ROMANA – Synágermos / Alarm (1993)


ΟΡΕΞΗ ΓΙΑ ΤΙΠΟΤΑ / OREXI YA TIPOTA – Korítsi Viázi Agóri / Girl Rapes Boy (1997)

FREE YOURSELF – Ethismós / Addiction (GULAG cover, 199?)


ΟΡΕΞΗ ΓΙΑ ΤΙΠΟΤΑ / OREXI YA TIPOTA – Gnísios ‘Ellinas tu 2000 (1997)

VODKA JUNIORS – Athens (2001)

ΧΕΙΜΕΡΙΑ ΝΑΡΚΗ / HIBERNATION – Yálini Mitrópoli / Metropolis of Glass (2000)

GO FILTH GO – Future No! (2010)

LAST BREATH – ‘Ιsos Miá Méra  / Maybe One Day (2010)

ΠΑΝΔΗΜΙΑ / PANDIMIA  – Vasílio tis Parakmís / Kingdom of Decline (2010)

ANTIMOB – Dógma (2012)

ΟΔΟΣ 55 / ODOS 55 – Attiki Victoria (2012)

ERA OF FEAR – Mizéria (2013)

GUTTER – No Chances, No Choices (2013)

DIRTY WOMBS – Derail (2014)

YOUTH CRUSHER – Incurable (2016)

ΧΩΡΙΣ ΟΙΚΤΟ / HORIS IKTO – Argós Thánatos / Slow Death (2016)



Storm Stereo #13: Yajña Radio guest show

screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-5-00-52-pmHey my lovelies!

A lot is going on in the world right now, things are changing across the pond, some things stay rigorously the same back home, and I’m jamming Leo Cohen records. The fall always makes me think of being a wee girl in my parent’s home, watching my mum iron clothes in the kitchen, singing loudly to his songs; his words sounding like they had come from love letters too hard to send but which somehow, magically found their way to my ears, painting pictures of beautiful women in torn raincoats. He was our man indeed. RIP Leo, thanks for teaching me to enjoy the darkness.

Moving on, I am extremely pleased to have made a Storm Stereo guest mix for Verushka at Yajña Radio in Barcelona, loosely based around the theme of Love. If you know me at all, you know I think about love a lot, its many forms and manifestations. So, for 11/11/16 I put together a selection of instrumental, classical, Gregorian and contemporary sounds that I feel express some of the many facets of this universally enabling (and often crippling) force. You can listen to it below, but I strongly encourage you to check out the other mixes on the Yajña channel, as they have some top notch selections!

I’m also preparing a Greek punk special for Maximum Rocknroll radio, and in light of that I made a Greek punk mixtape. For the future, in the works are: a massively long Storm Stereo #HCNOW special; a mega-mix with all-instrumental / OST / Halloween music, in light of the recent World Soundtrack Awards and All Hallows’ Eve (expect lots of John Carpenter, Morricone and ’70s space-inspired tracks); and a show dedicated to women pioneers in electronic and experimental music — it’s taking a while and there’s just too much good music out there to discover, but I’m chipping away at it slowly.

These are truly unique and hard times but the future really is ours if we want it to be. At the grave we’ll be remembered for our actions, so make em count. Until next time, stay posi, stay strong!

With love from the outer space


Storm Stereo #8 on Berlin Community Radio

lydsHallo meine Lieblings!

Today was a special day, as Storm Stereo was broadcasting live from the studio at Berlin Community Radio! Dead chuffed that the lovely people at BCR invited me to host a show, and even though I was so incredibly high on coffee and crunched for time coz of my nervous banter, it was a mighty fun show. Sadly there was a glitch I only just became aware of, and ANALOG BLOC was not played (but instead it was MISS KITTIN twice! Ooops, sorry!) But you should check it out below!

Of course, time flies when you’re having fun, and I realized I had to cut my sets shorts, so no KAOS, ANTI… or EFIALTIS, but I managed to squeeze in some Greek synth personal anthems, some Yugo and Polish punk, some electro beats, and more! Always too many lovely people to mention, so just know you are all in my thoughts no matter where you are on the planet: from Barcelona and the UK to Japan and Canada, and from Athens and Australia to Lyon and the far, far West!

Until next time, stay posi, stay strong! With love from outer space


JOSE LARRALDE – Quimey Neuquen (como una daga en mi corazón)

LOWER – But There Has To Be More (seasonal existentialism)

FELIX DA HOUSECAT ft. MISS KITTIN – Silver Screen Shower Scene

COSMETICS – Black Leather Gloves

LED ES EST – Scissors

LUST FOR YOUTH – Barcelona (como una daga en mi corazón)


SECTA – Oposición (ugh, that riff gives me goosebumps every time!)


BARCELONA – Caudillo / Infierno de Cobardes (I •love• those vocals!)

ODOS 55 – Attiki Victoria

ERA OF FEAR – Mizeria

PARAF – Fini Dečko

MOSKWA – Ja Wiew, Ty Wiesz

Guest on Fullthrottlelazy #90: punken banter

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.24.41 PMHello my loves!

Broadcasting from the deep south of London, I entered a bunker of banter and recorded a ridiculous podcast with #joebriggs and his co-host in online airwave crime, Tommy, for the 90th installment of Fullthrottlelazy. I jammed some reissues, discussed eye contact, oral sex and getting the shivers, and blanked on names, translations and botched pronunciations.  Unprofessionalism at its finest, shit vocal levels,  and drunken bullshit talk! This year’s 15 minutes of shame. With killer tracks by Stigmathe, Desechables, Mercenárias, Randy Uchida Group and Alerta Roja.

I also hung out with MRR columnists Tony Gunnarsson and Alex Ratcharge, stuffed records at LVEUM HQ, had multiple sonic highs at the sick Static Shock / ALTER Stock Mini fest at DIY Space for London, with highlight performances by No Form, the Lowest Form, Perspex Flesh and Damien Dubrovnik, went to the release event of England’s Hidden Reverse book repress, a seminal plunge into the underground UK noise movement of the mid ’70s via bands like Current 93, Coil and Nurse With Wound by David Keenan, and went record shopping in Brighton and splurged on a bunch of wicked wax!

More words on all of that in my next Maximum Rocknroll column, and some tunes on the next installment of Obsessionist Radio this week. Also to be featured, some hot droppin’ punk and hardcore from the UK, US, Canada, Spain and more—stray tuned!

With love from outer space


Interview on EqualizingXDistort Radio, Toronto

EXD-Lydia Athanasopoulos-3986I was in Toronto in December and, while I was there I had an engrossing conversation with Steph, who runs EqualizingXDistort Radio. The audio file of that interview will be coming soon! After our chat, he interviewed me, and you can hear that conversation—me high on coffeeat 2am—talk, for two hours (!) about getting into punk, MRR & the upcoming MRR festival, Greek punk and a bunch of other stuff, on the latest Equalizing -x- Distort radio show!

Guest on SHEXD Radio, Toronto

I am chuffed to say that the fabulous ladies at ShequalizingXDistort radio in Toronto invited me on to their show. I spoke a bit about the up-coming MRR festival and picked a last-minute closer track 🙂

Thanks again to Märji, Chlöe, Sardé and Zöe. Overall my stay in Toronto for those few days in December was marked by strong, smart, creative and resourceful young women, each of them active in their way and scene in a plethora of ways.

Was great to be in the CIUT 895 FM studio on campus, housed in a beautiful old building, that Nuria and I adventurously lost our way in.


SHEXD Volume 7 was in full effect featuring programmer/hosts from left to right Lydia, Märji, Chlöe, Sardé, Zöe, and Nuria. You can download the show here.

Click below for the track list and audio link.

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MRR Coordinators interviewed by KALW Radio, SF

With fellow MRR Coordinators Eli Wald and Grace Ambrose

Interview by Colin Peden Jun 15, 2015

I’m inside what looks like it could be a college library or a research institute. People sit quietly working at desks and tables, surrounded by shelves full of periodicals and rows of storage boxes that are neatly indexed by color and symbol. Lydia Athanasopoulou shows me around. She’s the senior content coordinator here — kind of like the head librarian.

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