Storm Stereo #1

photo by Simon Marsham

Hello my loves!

Happy new year, welcome 2016, welcome February! This is an unofficial update to let you know that my blog ( has been hacked and there seems little chance of recovering it. Always gotta find the silver lining, so perhaps this is the excuse I’ve been looking for for a master revamp. So, welcome to the new—and aiming to be improved— Obsessionist space. Because space is the place.

I am in the process of uploading all my old columns, radio shows, reviews, interviews, some press that came along the way and other bits and pieces, but until then, behold! The very first installment of what I hope to be a weekly radio show. The radio was one of my favourite activities at MRR and since radio—as a concept, a communication medium, a beloved friend—has been a constant in my life, I decided it was time to get involved more consistently in the process of production. Practice makes perfect.

Download it here. (Let me know if you have trouble accessing the files, I will send them to you directly!) I’ll post another update soon, but first I have to get this website up and running! Also, I am still looking for a job (London preferably) so drop me a line at if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Stay strong, stay posi. Less stress, more sex!

with love from outer space


Download it here


STRESS – Αθήνα
ΓΕΝΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΧΑΟΥΣ – Κοινωνικά Υποπροϊόντα
ΟΡΑ ΜΗΔΕΝ – Θάναττο Στους Ποιητές
ΑΝΤΙ… – Κόντρα + Δίχως ΠρόσωποΟΔΟΣ 55 – Αττική Βικτώρια
THE RATTLER PROXY – Mr. Sham (Timothy Fairplay remix)
SILENT SERVANT – Invocation of Lust
HELM – I Exist In A Fog


Interview on EqualizingXDistort Radio, Toronto

EXD-Lydia Athanasopoulos-3986I was in Toronto in December and, while I was there I had an engrossing conversation with Steph, who runs EqualizingXDistort Radio. The audio file of that interview will be coming soon! After our chat, he interviewed me, and you can hear that conversation—me high on coffeeat 2am—talk, for two hours (!) about getting into punk, MRR & the upcoming MRR festival, Greek punk and a bunch of other stuff, on the latest Equalizing -x- Distort radio show!

Guest on SHEXD Radio, Toronto

I am chuffed to say that the fabulous ladies at ShequalizingXDistort radio in Toronto invited me on to their show. I spoke a bit about the up-coming MRR festival and picked a last-minute closer track 🙂

Thanks again to Märji, Chlöe, Sardé and Zöe. Overall my stay in Toronto for those few days in December was marked by strong, smart, creative and resourceful young women, each of them active in their way and scene in a plethora of ways.

Was great to be in the CIUT 895 FM studio on campus, housed in a beautiful old building, that Nuria and I adventurously lost our way in.


SHEXD Volume 7 was in full effect featuring programmer/hosts from left to right Lydia, Märji, Chlöe, Sardé, Zöe, and Nuria. You can download the show here.

Click below for the track list and audio link.

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MRR Radio: Best of 2015

Lydia goes Han style (Solo) and has a nervous breakdown/revelation and decides to flee the country! Behold a botched personal retrospective with a bunch of records, bands and labels she’s been obsessing over recently. Some are new, some are old, some may or may not be on her Year End Top Ten for the wretched year 2015.


Click below for the track list and the audio link.

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MRR Coordinators interviewed by KALW Radio, SF

With fellow MRR Coordinators Eli Wald and Grace Ambrose

Interview by Colin Peden Jun 15, 2015

I’m inside what looks like it could be a college library or a research institute. People sit quietly working at desks and tables, surrounded by shelves full of periodicals and rows of storage boxes that are neatly indexed by color and symbol. Lydia Athanasopoulou shows me around. She’s the senior content coordinator here — kind of like the head librarian.

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Lydia and ten lovely punk boys from the YOUTH AVOIDERS (Paris, France) and DRY HEAVES (Sheffield, UK) finally manage to record a radio show after technical difficulties and too much beer!

Youth Avoiders (Paris) and Dry Heaves (Sheffield) at the MRR compound

Click below for the track list and audio link.

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