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Storm Stereo shows



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Booked show posters

Barcelona / Horis Ikto poster by Dropvirus 666
endropi punk web
Chaos Control Vol. 1 poster by Angeliki Piligkou
endropi black web
Chaos Control Vol. 1 flyer by Angeliki Piligkou

Greek Scene Report in El Zine—in Japanese!

I am so happy and proud to announce that Kenji from El Zine has translated my Greek Scene Report into Japanese for the always-impressive EL ZINE, from Japan!

El Zine has been featuring some of the best punk and hardcore from across the globe and time spectrum, with recent issues including features such as ESKORBUTO, GENERACION SUICIDA, LOS CRUDOS, LA VIDA ES UN MUS, and THISCLOSE to name but a few.

Arigato and keep up the amazing work! 🙂



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You can find the original report in MRR #349.