Storm Stereo #13: Yajña Radio guest show

screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-5-00-52-pmHey my lovelies!

A lot is going on in the world right now, things are changing across the pond, some things stay rigorously the same back home, and I’m jamming Leo Cohen records. The fall always makes me think of being a wee girl in my parent’s home, watching my mum iron clothes in the kitchen, singing loudly to his songs; his words sounding like they had come from love letters too hard to send but which somehow, magically found their way to my ears, painting pictures of beautiful women in torn raincoats. He was our man indeed. RIP Leo, thanks for teaching me to enjoy the darkness.

Moving on, I am extremely pleased to have made a Storm Stereo guest mix for Verushka at Yajña Radio in Barcelona, loosely based around the theme of Love. If you know me at all, you know I think about love a lot, its many forms and manifestations. So, for 11/11/16 I put together a selection of instrumental, classical, Gregorian and contemporary sounds that I feel express some of the many facets of this universally enabling (and often crippling) force. You can listen to it below, but I strongly encourage you to check out the other mixes on the Yajña channel, as they have some top notch selections!

I’m also preparing a Greek punk special for Maximum Rocknroll radio, and in light of that I made a Greek punk mixtape. For the future, in the works are: a massively long Storm Stereo #HCNOW special; a mega-mix with all-instrumental / OST / Halloween music, in light of the recent World Soundtrack Awards and All Hallows’ Eve (expect lots of John Carpenter, Morricone and ’70s space-inspired tracks); and a show dedicated to women pioneers in electronic and experimental music — it’s taking a while and there’s just too much good music out there to discover, but I’m chipping away at it slowly.

These are truly unique and hard times but the future really is ours if we want it to be. At the grave we’ll be remembered for our actions, so make em count. Until next time, stay posi, stay strong!

With love from the outer space