Interview with DIÄT for MRR

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MRR #397

mrr_397_cvr“Striving for relevance one cigarette butt at a time” – on the road with Diät

It’s eleven pm, one am, three am on a Saturday and I’m over-caffeinated at my old desk in my old apartment in Athens. I haven’t left the house in six days. I’ve not been in one city for more than three weeks in the last four months, so it’s not too bad really. I’m jamming the Diät record for the first time in a couple months—and definitely the first time since we got back from tour three weeks ago. Roadie’s first tour! As soon as the needle drops, it all rushes back; fish-eyed frames and colourful medleys, flashing lights and sonic ecstasy. I keep myself afloat on a melody, the record still sounding fucking incredible, even if somewhat bittersweet now. Despite the pessimistic sound and ironic title, the music gives me such positive energy I get teary eyed with emotion. Like I did almost every one of the nine times I saw them live. And I still look forward to the tenth next week in Berlin. I took notes on my phone drunk in the back of the van, one eye closed as I focused my vision long enough to type, but looking back it all seems like a dream underwater.

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Storm Stereo #4

iffyCOFHello my lovelies!

I’ve been back in Athens for a couple weeks, running around as usual but keeping it zen, going to shows, seeing friends who were visiting from the US and UK, finishing up a bunch of interviews, reviews and columns. Going on the road with Diät last month was so much fun, a really heart-warming experience—I’m so grateful to them for letting me tag along! You can read about that in my next MRR column. I was also in Berlin for a week, and saw a bunch of shows and hung out at Static Shock Records, and walked around taking pictures  day drunk. Now I’m about to hop a plane to Berlin for Nothing Nice to Say festival, which I’m very excited about! Going to be meeting up with so many lovely punks, doing some interviews, and of course seeing a bunch of killer bands live!

Above is a short show I wanted to share before heading out. Download it here. (Let me know if you have trouble accessing the files, I will send them to you directly!) Lots of mixtape ready tracks, all of them favourites, some personal anthems, all of them the soundtrack to my existence right now… It’s been an emotional time, what with moving around a lot, being around lots of friends and family, some beloved faces moving away, others falling ill, all of us getting older but hopefully stronger every day… The grass is always greener where you water it. Until next time, stay posi, stay strong!

With love from outer space


Download it here


DIÄT – Nausea


SIEVEHEAD – Look Both Ways

EAGULLS – Nerve Endings

BAZOOKA – Κορίτσι στην Ακτή / Koritsi stin Akti

GOOD THROB – Acid House London

EL MICHELS AFFAIR – This Song’s for you

RISING STORM – Βright Lit Blue Skies




SOLID SPACE – Going to the Moon

PHIL SEYMOR – Baby It’s You

RADIO BIRDMAN- Anglo Girl Desire


THE TIGHTS – Cracked

THE PLUGZ – Achin’

THE OUTCASTS – Self Conscious Over You


LFY – Running

MOLLY NILSSON – Mountain Time




Hello my loves!

Cor blimey what a fantastic time I had in the UK! I went to Bristol, Brighton, Weston, Clevedon… Got high in cemeteries and drunk on champagne beer, bought a bunch of sick records, some of which I’ll jam on the next radio show… Which has now been renamed to Storm Stereo… (Yeh, I just changed it… ’cause I can!) Now I am back in Athens for a couple of weeks, taking care of some business while also trying to take it easy, finalizing some projects, turning 30 (!) with my twin sister, seeing the new French Oi! sensation RIXE at our new and improved tropical basement… The new RIXE track is banging by the way, check it out!

MRR Year End Top Tens 2015
Eagerly awaiting my copy of the MRR Year End Top Tens issue. Til then, I snapped a pic of a copy I found in the UK!

I’m also working on the second part of the Ex-Yu Special for MRR, alongside Habi from NE! Records, coming mid Spring 2016. After our Ex-Yugoslavia Special Part 1, with bands from Slovenia, we are moving on to Part 2, this time covering bands from Croatia, such as the beloved PARAF and KAOS form Rijeka! (One of the many cities on my “Punk Cities to Visit” bucket list)

When it comes to my obsession with Yugoslavian punk, PARAF was the band that started it all for me. It was the mid 2000s and a friend was getting rid of a bunch of his zines. One of them, called I believe Where The Wild Things Are, came with a CD-R comp, with something like 32 bands on it from all around the world. One of those songs was PARAF’s hella catchy “Fini Dečko” (Fine Boy). From the first strums of the guitar and the creeping keyboards I was intrigued. By the time the impressive vocalist had finished the first verse, I was in shivers!

Who was this fascinating band? Where did they come from? Where can I find more of this? (This was pre widespread internet access mind you.) I had already been on a frenzied search of all things punk, new and old, the weirder and more remotely-located the better. A decade almost went by, and by cosmic coincidence I ended up in San Francisco in 2012. While there, I got to know Habi from NE! Records, who specializes in Ex-Yu punk. Six years after that, I have just finished editing interviews with both PARAF and KAOS. And the rest, as they say, is history…

I have also just finished up an interview with Charles from Le Turc Mecanique Records, based in Paris. I’m very excited about his label and outlook, and that should be on the internets at some point soon. I’ll keep you posted. I have also been asked to guest review something by the nice people are Delayed Gratification, but I won’t give it all away too soon… 🙂

Diat Tour
Click pic for more info!

I’m hitting the road again on March 21st, as I shall be performing roadie duties for one of my fave current bands right now, DIÄT from Berlin. They’re going on a mini tour around the EU and UK, and I’ll be heading back to Berlin with them for a few days afterwards. Berlin punks, hit me up! Oh, I’ll also be DJ-ing the Glasgow show! If you see me, come say hello and tell me all about your local scene and why it rules!

To close off, I’ll share something I was reminded of while jamming NTS radio recently. Absolutely killer one-man project from France, which I first learned about while going through the MRR record vault a few years ago—fantastic stuff. If you liked QLOAQA LETAL that Metadona Records recently reissued, then check this out!

Until next time, stay posi, stay punk. The world is ours to reclaim.


With love from outer space


Year End Top Ten: 2015

mrr_393_cvrPunk is Love: Year in Review

I’m in a plane right now, flying across the country, then across the Atlantic. I’m contemplating the last year and along with it the bands and records that left a mark on me. Do we chose music to match our mood or do we listen to music to counteract it? I would say both, though mostly I listen to music because I would go insane without it. As with every Year End Top Ten list I’ve done so far, for better or worse, I write about the records that I actually listened to constantly, and not the ones I think should be on this list. Hopefully you will appreciate the honestly. Punk is love, my undying love.

Muerte LP es de puta madre!

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