Storm Stereo #24

strange timeWhat’s up my loves?

Didn’t take long; I’m back in Athens, melting in 40-degree heat, hiding in the shadows. Unpacked nothing but my overweight heart, storing the pieces for another day, sweetening the taste of fate with bitter drinks, music my oasis.

This 3-hour summer special was recorded a couple weeks ago but was I too busy moving countries yet again to post it. My need for consistency will no doubt prove useless.

Keeping it chill, with mix cuts, moody house, spacey electro, minimal techno, meditative beats, loner pop and lovesick jams to take you from sunset to night, or to keep your insomnia company.

Until next time, take it easy. With love from outer space,





Storm Stereo #8 on Berlin Community Radio

lydsHallo meine Lieblings!

Today was a special day, as Storm Stereo was broadcasting live from the studio at Berlin Community Radio! Dead chuffed that the lovely people at BCR invited me to host a show, and even though I was so incredibly high on coffee and crunched for time coz of my nervous banter, it was a mighty fun show. Sadly there was a glitch I only just became aware of, and ANALOG BLOC was not played (but instead it was MISS KITTIN twice! Ooops, sorry!) But you should check it out below!

Of course, time flies when you’re having fun, and I realized I had to cut my sets shorts, so no KAOS, ANTI… or EFIALTIS, but I managed to squeeze in some Greek synth personal anthems, some Yugo and Polish punk, some electro beats, and more! Always too many lovely people to mention, so just know you are all in my thoughts no matter where you are on the planet: from Barcelona and the UK to Japan and Canada, and from Athens and Australia to Lyon and the far, far West!

Until next time, stay posi, stay strong! With love from outer space


JOSE LARRALDE – Quimey Neuquen (como una daga en mi corazón)

LOWER – But There Has To Be More (seasonal existentialism)

FELIX DA HOUSECAT ft. MISS KITTIN – Silver Screen Shower Scene

COSMETICS – Black Leather Gloves

LED ES EST – Scissors

LUST FOR YOUTH – Barcelona (como una daga en mi corazón)


SECTA – Oposición (ugh, that riff gives me goosebumps every time!)


BARCELONA – Caudillo / Infierno de Cobardes (I •love• those vocals!)

ODOS 55 – Attiki Victoria

ERA OF FEAR – Mizeria

PARAF – Fini Dečko

MOSKWA – Ja Wiew, Ty Wiesz

Storm Stereo #5 – Post-Fest Blues Special

4121-4507-largeHello my lovelies,

Survived NNTS Fest, can’t believe how fast time flies! Maybe things are finally slowing down? Been rather tied up so I’m laying low (or trying to anyway) as things are flying at me from all angles, distances and dimensions, and at this point I feel like a tennis player trying to beat the automatic ball thrower. Death by balls—how unglamorous. At this point I might be stretching myself thin, but between family affairs and unfinished business, interviews and reviews, new deadlines and old guidelines, call-backs, setbacks, holler backs, couch surfing, couch lugging, guests and impositions and propositions, customs problems, customized problems, head underwater, health in retrograde and still miles to go (“shipping costs not included”) I squeezed in another Storm Stereo because why not? Download it here. (Let me know if you have trouble accessing the files, I will send them to you directly!)

On our sonic trip today, we visit Berlin first, with some Nothing Nice to Say Fest highlights (and a new Lumpy anthem), a trip back in time and down under (T-Rex fans will love “Squeeze”), some mixtape ready jams (Obscure by Degrees came out of nowhere), a couple obit tunes (sadly but Rest in Power), your new favourite band Heavy Metal, a couple minty fresh tracks, but mainly old faves  (because the internet has melted time and all is nothing and forever is now and none of it is real time I live between the binary lines), plus the usual nervous banter, baaad volume levels, minimal skills and no regrets. Big shout out to Maximum Rocknroll and their recent record archiving project—making the largest punk record collection database accessible to the public! Support this effort by going to MRR’s indiegoho page here! Painting by Oriol Roca, Barcelona drummer, artist and future legend. Until next time, stay posi, stay strong. Death doesn’t always knock twice, be safe out there.

With love from outer space


Download it here

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