Storm Stereo #37: Greek Remap II

ausschwitssHere it is my freaks!

Part II of the Greek Special, featuring post-punk, synth pop, new wave from the ’80s and ’90s, plus a couple newer tracks. Sorry for the lack of written info on this one, things have been extra busy. I’ll get back to add some thoughts to this when I have some time. Thanks for listening and thanks to M. for reminding me of how great some of these punks bands were!

If all goes well, we’re planning on recording a special series of shows, centred around the book The Rock Diaries (Τα Ροκ Ημερολόγια) by Yiorgos Tourkovasilis, originally published in 1986 and repressed in 2016. Our plan is to narrate the book—which is a vibrant, colourful verbal history of youth and music subcultures in Greece during the ’70s and ’80s—to discuss a couple of the larger issues covered (μπίρι-μπίρι), and of course to play some Greek punk music for you!

Stray tuned on that one, though it will all be in Greek. (Translation ideas already spring to mind of course—perhaps next year!)

Enjoy last week’s show. Until  next time, stay humble, try and do something you enjoy every day, and make those goodbye kisses count. You never know when you’re gonna get hit by a bus…

With love from outer space,



ARNAKIA – Diver of the Sky
AT LAST – Nothingness
RODONDO ROCKS – Listen to the Wind Blow
CLOWN – White Cells
PETUNIA PIG – A Dream So Grey
CAPTAIN NEFOS – Crystal Palace
ANYPOFORI – 8 Fores (8 Times)
IN TRANCE 95 – Presidente
KYOTO – Silver to Silk
X-BEAT – One With the Night
SIGMAY FAY – Tonight
IHORYPANSI – Only for You
LOST BODIES – Orange Tree




One of my fave bands from London right now, EFIALTIS (Nightmare), have a new 7″ out and I was more than happy to write up a few words for it for Static Shock Records.


After last year’s haunting demo, London’s Efialtis get the vinyl treatment with a fresh EP on Static Shock Records. Featuring three primitive stompers from their tape plus a riveting new one, Efialtis crash through the ruins of reality like an angry goddess in search of retribution. Four feral tracks of stripped down, high-energy, mid-tempo Punk, with despotic vocals and ominous Greek lyrics. The sharp guitar and buzzing bass wade through combative drumming, all tough as nails and perfectly enhancing the nightmarish unease underlying their sound. Ten minutes of ’80s-inspired, rudimentary jaggedness, complete with catchy songwriting, tight delivery and a production that’s appropriately massive and the right amount of shambolic. Featuring members of Good Throb, Sarcasm, Dregs, Body Butter and more. A skull-crashing must-have for the coming apocalypse.

First press is limited to 500 copies and comes with hand-stamped sleeves, risographed inserts and also includes a download.


Interview on EqualizingXDistort Radio, Toronto

EXD-Lydia Athanasopoulos-3986I was in Toronto in December and, while I was there I had an engrossing conversation with Steph, who runs EqualizingXDistort Radio. The audio file of that interview will be coming soon! After our chat, he interviewed me, and you can hear that conversation—me high on coffeeat 2am—talk, for two hours (!) about getting into punk, MRR & the upcoming MRR festival, Greek punk and a bunch of other stuff, on the latest Equalizing -x- Distort radio show!