Storm Stereo #25: Summertime Blues

20751601_1295143437262685_1227175962_nHello loves,

We’re back on the soul train, destination Lonesome Town, this time to dig up some tracks from summers past, as well as some jams I discovered recently and have been playing on repeat.

This show features among others: a marimba version of Aretha’s morning classic (seeing as the marimba has been my most recent obsession in terms of instruments); some inimitable sounds by the great Mulatu Astatke, a surprise, disco-tinged soul gem by Hot Chocolate; the dazzling and soulful Jackie Shane, an American-Canadian transgender soul and rhythm and blues singer from the ’60s who is being given the much-appreciated vinyl treatment; the empowering Cuban temptress La Lupe, and Greek new wave artist Katy Homata (Καίτη Χωματά).

We also have the original superior versions of two tracks whose histories have haunted me for years: ‘Fever’ – written by Little Willie John but made grossly popular by Peggy Lee – and ‘I’ll Take Care of You’ – written by Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland and sung by Etta James, Gil Scott-Heron, Mark Lanegan, Beth Hart, and Drake and Rihanna among many others. Also, tracks by two singer-songwriters who sadly left us recently: the iconic though I suspect underrated Greek folk and new wave musician Arleta / Αρλέτα, with ‘Once, I Remember’ – a track whose composition, vocals and lyrics are on a par with those by world-class folk singers of the ’60s – and quintessentially American country musician Glen Campbell, here doing a moving rendition of Roy Orbison’s ‘Crying,’ joined on vocals for this by, among others, Willie Nelson.

Arleta in the window of the Tavania boîte in Plaka, Athens, 1971

Mixed in we also have some shoegaze, indie and folk, and close it off with old flames the Magnetic Fields and Camera Obscura, and three queens of smooth, Bat for Lashes, Lana del Rey, and Sade.

Until next time, do what makes you happy.

With love from outer space,



Storm Stereo #18: Femme Fatale

shungaWhat’s new my loves?

In keeping with the idea of semi-themed shows and sets—this is an autobiographical podcast after all—today’s Storm Stereo features badass ladies from punk and post-punk and a look at what it feels and sounds like for a girl. Not in time for IWD but no time like the present, right? It was also just my birthday, which always sends me into a bit of an existential spell, and Venus, the ultimate goddess, is in retrograde, so I’m re-evaluating and reflecting on everything. And so, even though I didn’t pick songs with any specific topic in mind, just some of my favourites, after looking at them a couple themes quickly became evident, so I re-arranged them as such. Of course it would be impossible to sum up anyone’s experience in just 120 minutes of music, plus the list of killer bands to include would be endless, so here’s just a slice of my story. Perhaps some of these songs will give your some strength or inspiration in rough times like they do for me.

What it Feels Like for a Girl

THE LOST SOUNDS – Satan Bought Me (US)

PERVERS – Asozial (Germany)
ÖSTRO 430 – Ich Halt Mich Raus (I Keep Myself Out, Germany)
THE PETTICOATS – Normal (Germany)
I.U.D. – Precious (US)
キャ (Kyah) – I Am Bitch Or Not (Japan)
MODERATES – High Heel Shoes (UK)
X-RAY SPEX – Identity (UK)
THE AVENGERS – I Believe In Me (US)
NASTY FACTS – Drive My Car (US)

SUGAR AND THE LOLLIPOPS – Like A Roller Coaster (The Netherlands)
KATE FAGAN – Come Over (US)
YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS – Brand New Life (Wales)
THE AVOCADOS – I Never Knew (England)
DOLLY MIXTURE – Same Mistake (England)
CHIN CHIN – Desires (Switzerland)
THE SHOP ASSISTANTS – I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You (Scotland)
RONNIE AND THE RHYTHM BOYS – I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (Ramones cover, Australia)

THE PHOTOGRAPHS – Second Best (England)
JANET ARMSTRONG – Inadequate (England)
UNKNOWN GENDER – Possessiveness (US)
SADO-NATION – Gimme You (US)
YOUR FUNERAL – I Want To Be You (US)
ZELLOTS – Empty Victories (Canada)
AMY AND THE ANGELS – I Hate Being in Love (Germany)

MO-DETTES – Paint It Black (Rolling Stones cover) (England)
THE DELINQUENTS – Do You Have A Job For A Girl Like Me? (US)
TOXIC FUMES – Easy Money (US)
THE BAGS – Survive (US)
FANCY ROSY – Punk Police (Puerto-Rico/Germany)
COCADICTOS – 10 Años Buscando (10 Years Looking, Spain)
SUBTONIX – Ashtray Girl (US)
TERMINAL FUN – Great Moments (England)

DOG FACED HERMANS – How We Connect (Scotland)
THE NUNS – Do You Want Me On My Knees? (US)
VULPESS – Me Gusta Zer Una Zorra (I Like Being a Slut, Spain)
NURSE – 欲望 (Desire, Japan)
VICE SQUAD – Latex Love (England)
NENA AND THE STRIPES – Weekend Love (Germany)

SS-Say – Care (Denmark?)

Storm Stereo #16

My loves

Some music for your heavy souls and cardboard hearts. For those times when life feels like you’ve got a load of dusty boxes and no storage space left to put them. For when you accidentally unpack memories you’d rather forget, or when you have something on your mind and can’t sleep late at night. For cutting your losses and counting your blessings, dismantling the wall inside your head to try and build something better some place new.

When you wish you could express yourself but can’t find the right words, or the right time, or the right way. So you let music do it for you while your plan your future failures, compartmentalize your anxieties and ration your irrational responses. Because even in a crowd you’re actually some place else, stuck in between burning indecision and freezing doubt. Cutting back and weeding out. Some gardens bloom and others die out.

“All good things must start with dreams.” All we can do is grow.

With love from Trappist-1

—Obsessionist Continue reading Storm Stereo #16

Storm Stereo #3

whitenoiseHello my lovelies!

It’s been a minute, but I’m back with another show for yall, this time with lots of radical punk and hardcore (and other goodness) from both sides of the Atlantic! Doing these podcasts is lots of fun, as it involves me alone in a quiet room, getting drunk and over-caffeinated, hand shaking, as I babble on about music I like. I know I probably sound like an idiot, trying to keep my voice from being too loud and obnoxious, but I still thank you for listening. Download it here. (Let me know if you have trouble accessing the files, I will send them to you directly!)

I’ve got lots of future shows I’m excited to work on, including specials on soundtrack music, Japanese hardcore, 1980s Greek synth-pop and post-punk, Immigrant, folk and library music, bands that played the recent MRR fest, ladies in punk around the world, and even an Oi! special! But first, I’m hitting the road again in a few days, and I’m aiming to record a show on wheels with Diät, then hopefully another one from Berlin. So… until next time, stay punk, stay strong.

With love from outer space ❤


“Many sounds have never been heard—by humans: some sound waves you don’t hear—but they reach you. ‘Storm Stereo’ techniques combine singers, instrumentalist and complex electronic sound. The emotional intensity is at a maximum.”

Download it here

S.B.S.M. – Teeth (self-released)

JEALOUSY – Sentenced to Life (Moniker)

MAQUINA MUERTA – Veneno Letal (Metadona)

XM2 – Malditos (self-released)

ROTE ZORA – Rote Zora (self-released) – Mierda, I accidentally said I played Cloaca de Poder, perdon!

MUJERCITOS – Euronacos (Not Normal / Discos Enfermos)

OPRESIÓN – Sangre Caliente (self-released)

D.H.K. – Cinco de Junio (Metadona)

JEALOUSY – Doin’ A Little Time (Moniker)

RAKTA EM TRANSE – Apenas Mais Um (Nada Nada / Dama de Noite)

NARCO ESTADO – ¿Dónde están? (Going Underground)

ERA DEL VACIO – Buscando A Un Amigo (SPHC)

MUERTE – Condenados (Cintas Pepe)

VOLAHN – Chamalcan (Ajna Offensive / Iron Bonehead Productions)

FUTURE HOLOGRAMS – Valentine (Silver Throne)

FUNDAMENTAL – Nuclear (self-released)

CØNDITIØN – Dead Memory (Iron Lung)

PORVENIR OSCURO – Farsa (self-releaed)

VIOLENCE – Complete Control (self-released)

PMS84 – Can’t Tell Me Anything (Nightrider)

HARRY BERTOIA – Sonambient (Important)

“Bertoia’s recordings are as much a celebration of sustained tones, slow decay, healing vibrations and shimmering harmonics”

EFIALTIS – Efialtis / Εφιάλτης (self-released)

THE LOWEST FORM – Infinity (Tadpole)

NO FORM – Barrier (Reagent / Muscle Horse)

PERSPEX FLESH – Panoptic (Static Shock)

PRIME TIME – Tied Down (La Vida Es Un Mus)

HARRY BERTOIA – Sonambient (Important)

DIÄT – Young and Successful (Iron Lung)

RIXE – Rapport de Force (La Vida Es Un Mus)

DIGITAL OCTOPUS – Hybrid Moments (Misfits cover) (La Vida Es Un Mus)

LUST FOR YOUTH – Stardom (Sacred Bones)

WHITE NOISE – My Game of Loving (Island)