Storm Stereo #28

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Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Solar Catastrophe

Hello my loves,

Bringing you the first episode of Storm Stereo for InterSonik Net Radio, where you’ll be able to catch the show every Wednesday night, 22:00–00:00 (EET) on I’ll also be DJ-ing some Storm Stereo faves on Saturday, December 23 at B-Side Bar, so come say hello if you’re about Athenstown.

On with the show! Included in this episode of Storm Stereo are a favourite by living inspiration Cosey Fanni Tutti, plus stellar tracks by Suzanne Cianni, Damien Dubrovnik (accidentally said Croatian Amor on air!) and Bill Kouligas, all three of whom played wicked electronic and experimental music festivals this year, such as Milano’s Terraforma, Berlin Atonal and Unsound in Kraków. PAN label-master Kouligas also recently played Plisskën Festival in Athens, as did Ethiopian jazz genius Mulatu Astatke (whom we also hear on this show) and both of them were superb, each in their own unique way – go see them if they’re coming through your town!

We also listen to a couple recent/upcoming reissues. First, an instant classic and perhaps my #1 record for 2017, Japanese instrumental minimalist Midori Takada (out on WRWTFWW Records), Solid Space, an early-’80s British duo who wrote a brilliant minimal-wave record packed with distinct and memorable gems (out on Dark Entries who are also helping with the much-anticipated Lena Platonos documentary λπ – Lambda Pi), and synth pioneer Pauline Anne Strom and her spacey synth ambient LP Trans-Millenia Music (out on RVNG Intl. Records).

Also on this show, the master Moondog because he’s always relevant, plus commanding and evocative tunes from Cameroon’s Hamad Kalkaba and Capo Verde’s Antonio Sanches, both from excellent releases (with incredible stories) on Analog Africa, a label with impressive consistency and quality to its truly original catalog.

November was a busy month, and not least because I went to London and saw great bands at Static Shock Festival (fest highlights set coming next week) and amazing modern art at Tate Modern (hello wall of Jenny Holzer wisdom!) and Everything at Once at 180 the Strand (field recordings project featuring sounds from this and other 2017 trips coming early 2018). The exhibit has been extended until December 14, I highly recommend you go and see it if you’re in London and have the chance.

So many inspiring pieces at this exhibit. Shirazeh Houshiary’s Breath, a mainly audio installation that featured Buddhist, Christian, Jewish and Islamic prayers, all played at once (one from each point of the compass, rising and falling in intensity),  in a small, almost pitch-back, square room.

Haroon Mirza’s Sonakinatography Composition III, a light installation that focuses on the sounds made by the changing electric current of the coloured lamps used, creating a beautiful and vibrant light and audio composition.

Arthur Jafa’s Love is the Message, the Message is Love, a beautiful, painful, moving, powerful (and I want to believe ultimately empowering) video collage/vision of contemporary Black America, set to Kanye West’s ‘Ultralight Beam’, that watches like a music video but speaks like a prayer.

Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla’s Solar Catastrophe (featured image), made from ‘discarded polycrystalline solar panel cells’ that reflect the light and change colour as you move around the canvas, highlighting the process of ‘greenwashing‘.

Tatsuo Miyajima’s Time Waterfall, with numbers from 1 to 9 projected onto a wall, varying sizes ‘falling’ at varying speeds, representing our passage through time.

Until next week… just be thankful for what you’ve got.

With love from outer space,




Storm Stereo #19: Constant Flux


What’s up my loves?

Spring has arrived in Athens and with it come some mad tunes. Even though March started out really low, by month’s end I was so high I was moving through the stratosphere. And what better place to be? Taking the new season into account, and with a general concept of new beginnings in mind, here’s a new mood spring mix sans words – from smoky night clubs in lover’s rock corner to drunken jazzy daybreaks across the sonic fourth world. “I love my dreams so I’m going back in.”

Everything is in constant flux, from state to state, from good to bad and back again… only in transmutation, perpetual motion, lies truth. —Asger Jorn

Because I’ll tell you, life is odd and unpredictable and ironic and surreal. You can work and worry yourself sick over something (anything, most things) and yet it feels like nothing will budge. Then one day, around give-up o’clock, by some inconsequential orchestration of events, a force that had been orbiting your stony existence cuts across your trajectory – and the world comes to a screeching halt, and the pigeons scatter, and the noise dies down. In truth it had always been there, living in your blind spot, but only now does it come into full view. And thus everything changes after all.

For those elevated, dimension-shifting moments, and until the noise returns, some musical thoughts.

With love from outer space


STORM STEREO #19 – Constant Flux Spring Mix

MUSIC BOX – 恋の予感 (Koi no Yokan)
FINK – See It All (EMIKA remix)
ENRIQUE IGLESIAS – Ring My Bell (Big Zouk remix)
AVRIL – Company
DRAKE – Lose You (instrumental)
伊藤隆太 (RYUTA ITO) – 恋の予感 (安全地帯 [Anzen Chitai] cover)
CHARLES MINGUS – Myself When I’m Real
MILES DAVIS – I Fall In Love Too Easily
SUN RA – That’s How I Feel
BROWN SUGAR – Hello Stranger
ALTOS ELLIS – You Make Me So Very Happy
PHYLLIS DILLON – Living in Love
ARTHUR ALEXANDER – Where Have You Been All My Life?
TIMMY  THOMAS – Why Can’t We Live Together?


All illustrations by Bjenny Montero.