Guest on Fullthrottlelazy #90: punken banter

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.24.41 PMHello my loves!

Broadcasting from the deep south of London, I entered a bunker of banter and recorded a ridiculous podcast with #joebriggs and his co-host in online airwave crime, Tommy, for the 90th installment of Fullthrottlelazy. I jammed some reissues, discussed eye contact, oral sex and getting the shivers, and blanked on names, translations and botched pronunciations.  Unprofessionalism at its finest, shit vocal levels,  and drunken bullshit talk! This year’s 15 minutes of shame. With killer tracks by Stigmathe, Desechables, Mercenárias, Randy Uchida Group and Alerta Roja.

I also hung out with MRR columnists Tony Gunnarsson and Alex Ratcharge, stuffed records at LVEUM HQ, had multiple sonic highs at the sick Static Shock / ALTER Stock Mini fest at DIY Space for London, with highlight performances by No Form, the Lowest Form, Perspex Flesh and Damien Dubrovnik, went to the release event of England’s Hidden Reverse book repress, a seminal plunge into the underground UK noise movement of the mid ’70s via bands like Current 93, Coil and Nurse With Wound by David Keenan, and went record shopping in Brighton and splurged on a bunch of wicked wax!

More words on all of that in my next Maximum Rocknroll column, and some tunes on the next installment of Obsessionist Radio this week. Also to be featured, some hot droppin’ punk and hardcore from the UK, US, Canada, Spain and more—stray tuned!

With love from outer space