5060 km Northwest of Athens…

Halló elskurnar mínar,

Greetings from Siglufjörður. It’s been one week since my partner Lefteris and I packed our bags with winter clothes and left the boiling pot that is Athens to escape to a small village near the arctic circle. After almost a year of planning and saving every penny, we narrowly escaped another lockdown and boarded a plane to Amsterdam, then one more to Keflavik. Another four (!) hours of waiting around at the eerily empty airport for the grossly delayed shuttle bus (fair enough, we’re living in the times of a global pandemic, but a notification on their website might have been nice) and we got to downtown Reykjavik — Steam Bay. Another kilometre in the rain on foot with all our suitcases and we finally arrived at our hotel. A geothermally heated room and hot shower helped ease the headache of a 19-hour trip. 

The next day we planned to rent a car, to make the 400-kilometre trip up north to Siglu and spend our mandatory 5-day quarantine in our new home. “Are you even allowed to rent a car?” they asked at Europcar after we asked for a small, automatic car, their faces turning whiter than the snow that had started to lightly coat the surrounding mountaintops like icing sugar on a cake. “Your government website says we can, your colleague over the phone said we can,” I replied. “Isn’t it your bloody job to know?” I wanted to add but instead just squeezed some more antiseptic onto my cold hands. “It’s the VW Polo outside, takk, bless.” And that was that.

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Hekátē – Days of Wrath LP (LVEUM, 2020)

Hello my badass babes!

I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer as best as possible! Just a quick update… Hekátē finally have a record! ΜΕΡΕΣ ΟΡΓΗΣ LP | DAYS OF WRATH LP digital and vinyl PREORDER is available NOW via our new Bandcamp page and via the La Vida Es Un Mus Discos website!

Massive thanks to Paco at LVEUM for believing in us and supporting what we do! We are so proud and happy to finally share our music with everyone!

Thanks to Stavros Edge for the amazing artwork, to Stelios Efedakis at Ritual Studios for the transformative mastering, and George Christoforidis at Ignite Music for the recording and mixing.


A limited run of clear green vinyl will be available via our good friend Darek at Scarecrow Records in Athens.

And, we also have a limited run of cassette tapes, with killer artwork by Drop Virus 666, which you can order via Eisodos Kindynou Records!


Follow Hekátē’s Facebook or Instagram page for more news! Vinyl coming September 18th, plus we’ve recorded a killer new track for an upcoming Greek punk compilation, so stay tuned!

Until next time, stay radical! With love from the omniverse within us all


Nowhere is now here…

Happy August my darlings!

Copies of Nowhere #3 zine are still available via our webstore at lonelydeathhouse.com but if you are in Athens, you can also find them at the following spots:


What started out over a decade ago as one of the largest distros in Greece has finally found itself a home in Exarhia. Bringing you the latest from the best punk and hardcore from around the world, you’ll also find handpicked gems, as well as lots of Greek releases, as part of Scarecrow Records’ lifelong dedication to the local scene. You’ll also find shirts, pins, zines, books and more!

Scarecrow Records, Solomou 35, Exarhia


A delightful, charming bookstore in the ever-multicultural neighbourhood of Kypseli, here you’ll find a tantalising array of books. Started by a Frenchman who appreciates the poeticism of being the local bookseller, here you’ll find new and used books, in Greek, English and French, self-published works, selected toys, comics and more. From poetry to travel, children’s books to comics, history to classics and almost everything in between.

O Meteoritis, Fokionis Negri 68, Kypseli


A small but stylish record store in the heart of Athens, run by music lovers and subculture nerds, it focuses on rock ‘n’ roll, garage, punk and indie, but also has a passion for cult movies, shirts, zines and other music paraphernalia. Tasteful and up-to-date, ask them about new and upcoming local indie bands and artists, they will surely have some excellent suggestions!

Syd Records, Protogenous 13, Monastiraki



A new arrival on the indie bookstore scene, this cafe-come-bookshop has a nicely curated selection of books on politics, history, political thought, countercultures, resistance history and lots more coming in from the left. Peruse the tall shelves and you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.

Red N’ Noir Books, Ioannou Drosopoulou 52, Kypseli


Located in the bustling neighbourhood of Exarhia, Locomotiva is more than just a cafe. They also host a bookshop on the first floor, with an eclectic selection of books on politics, political theory, history, subcultures and resistance. They also frequently host DJ nights, book presentations, educational discussions and more. An excellent place for coffee and a good book.

Locomotiva Cafe & Books, Mpotasi 7, Exarhia


A standard among record stores in Athens, here you’ll find all the basics: from punk and hardcore to metal and rock. With new arrivals coming in all the time, the shelves are stacked with the cornerstones of each genre, ideal when you’re looking for a place to begin your journey as a young record collector. You’ll also find loads of shirts, pins, magazines, books and more!

Rhythm Records, Emmanouil Benaki 74, Exarhia

Nowhere #3 on sale now!

What’s up my loves?

N O W  H E R E   #3 is finally out and on sale via our webstore now! Order at www.lonelydeathhouse.comFRONT-cover

After almost a decade since the last issue, N o w  h e r e  zine is back! A slicker and cleaner look, with a more electric and electronic sound. Synth-techno master BLAKAUT (Athens) talks about the documentary and political power of music; galvanizing electro-feminism duet VENUS VOLCANISM & IN ATLAS ponder the role of love in the revolution (Crete/Denmark); analog techno priestess ENTRAPMENT (Oakland, CA) debates the freedom found within electronics and the US underground techno scene; fuckwave punks GAY ANNIVERSARY (Volos in Athens) discuss their new (masterpiece) album and share their secrets on how to avoid becoming a failed success; cerebral analog electronics sorceress SHAAN (Serbia) takes us on a trip through her hometown and her local underground scene; mystic visual artist NATHALIE MAGDENEL (Valencia) takes us on her journeys as a travelling tattoo artist; and Greek-American punk poet GEORGIOS TSANGARIS shows us the importance of being earnest with his honest verses.

Bonus: a Greek Punk crossword puzzle to test your knowledge of Greek punk.

45 pages. Medium stock recycled paper. Limited to 111 copies. Ships anywhere.

Nýtt Líf b/w Days of Wrath

Hello my lovelies!

It’s been a minute, I know we’ve all been busy. What with the pandemic, the slow collapse of civilization, global warming and all that jazz. “ACAB baby, deal with it!”

A couple updates you might wanna take note of. First and foremost, I’m moving to Iceland. Já, for real. Too many reasons to count as to why I’m leaving, but there are equally just as many things I’m looking forward to. Hit me up before September 7th if you wish.


Secondly and perhaps more importantly: HEKATE are finally playing a real live gig! Saturday, July 11th at the amazing Prapopoulou Squat in Chalandri. Come see us now before I leave this doomed country! It’s funny how things come full circle; I remember going to that big old house in a wild field back when I was in high school, before it was even a squat. Now, 16 years or more later, we are playing our first official show there.

Also, HEKATE’s first record is at its final stages and should be going to press within the next couple of weeks! It’s called Μέρες Οργής (Days of Wrath), consists of eight tracks (one of them a sound collage in typical yours-truly fashion) and we just got the mastered files back. I can’t wait to share it with yall! More info coming soon b/w Patience is a bitch! hekatelive

Last but definitely not least, my partner in crime has just published a smashing collection of 33 short stories, called DJ at a Souvlatzidiko. Packed with dry humour and sharp wit, it paints a fair picture of what it’s like working at the Souvlaki Cathedral of Exarchia, during riots, shoot-outs, heatwaves, holidays and everything in between. A laugh-out-loud mix of contemporary surrealism and comedic philosophy, he’s a wordsmith like few others. It’s all in Greek and you can order your copy from our webstore. We still also have copies of The Struggles available! Check them out at www.lonelydeathhouse.com


Coming soon: finally, with months delay, the new (and maybe last) issue of Nowhere is on the way, featuring: minimal techno beats by Blakaut, galvanizing electro-feminism by Venus Volcanism and In Atlas, sharp analog techno by Entrapment, punk fuckwave by Gay Anniversary, cerebral analog electronics by Shaan, visual transcendence by Nathalie Magdenel, rawmantic verses by Greek-American punk poet Georgios Tsangaris, and a couple more tidbits. Stray tuned!

Until then, be magnificent to each other and smash the state! With love from the molten concrete pit that is Athens right now,


Guest show for Calavera Punks Barcelona

Hey peeps!

Hope you are all doing well during these post-apocalyptic times and staying safe and creative! I was asked to do another guest show, this time with old and new Greek punk for Calavera Punks in Barcelona!

Check it out, they are uploading lots of shows every day with great punk by punks for punks from around the world!

In other news, HEKATE will finish recording next weekend (finally!) so music is on the way! We have some exciting news, so stray tuned!

Stay safe, be excellent to each other! With love from the end of days


Guest show for Humba! On Air

What up my loves?

My friend Zafeiris from Music Society Webradio and HUMBA! magazine—a wicked Greek zine about the social and political meaning of sports and the experience of the game—asked me to do a guest show themed around the Corona virus, so I did. Recorded over Orthodox Easter weekend, so it’s extra special! It’s all in Greek but there’s some good music in there too. Check it out!

Also included is a HEKATE track which doesn’t yet exist online, called Καταραμένο Σύνδρομο (Cursed Syndrome) and which was recorded during a live session at Ignite Studios Athens in December 2019. Enjoy! More music, related to Nowhere #3, coming soon; stray tuned.

KATE FAGAN – Waiting for the Crisis
SUICIDE – Dominic Christ
THE BEASTIE BOYS – Time to Build
THE VICIOUS – I Don’t Believe in Christ
ARTICLES OF FAITH – What We Want Is Free
ΟΡΑ ΜΗΔΕΝ – Θάνατο στους Ποιητές (Ora Miden – Thanato stous Poiites)
THE DAMNED – Anti-Pope
THE MAD ARE SANE – World in Action
THE MOB – Another Day, Another Death
SYNDICATE – Bad Days End
SECTA – Oposición
HEKATE – Καταραμένο Σύνδρομο (Katarameno Syndromo) – Live
VENUS VOLCANISM – Ο Αετός (Rizitiko)

With love from Migraine Mountain


Interview for Crucial Zine

What’s up my loves?

Long time no see, I know! So, what’s up with you? What did I miss? What, a global pandemic?! No way!

So, since we last spoke, Giannis from Crucial Zine did an interview with some zinesters for Crucial #10, including yours truly. Below you can take a look, and make sure you check out the Crucial store to get your copy and check for upcoming issues! Like most zines from Greece, there is a small write-up on Fanzines Net, a magnificent resource for and archive of Greek zines, past and present, go check it out!






You can digitally flip through this Crucial issue (and past issues) on Issu and of course make a Crucial connection via the Gram or the Book.

More news coming soon, including: new issue of Nowhere zine (after like a decade since the last one), news from the HEKATE front, and special Quarantine Mixtape for HUMBA! zine.

Hope you are healthy and well considering these post-apocalyptic times we live in. Stray tuned and until next time… be excellent to each other (except the cops, you can spit on them!)

With love from the inside of my apartment universe


Chaos Control Vol. 2: Limp Wrist!

What’s up peeps? Enjoying your summer? I’m stuck in the city, working, not saving any money, boiling in my skin but… I’m very happy to be booking a show for thee Limp Wrist with my collective, Endropi! Saturday, September 14 at the Athens Law University.

In light of their 20th anniversary as one of the trailblazers of the global queercore punk scene, Limp Wrist visit Athens for the first time, two years after their latest, kicking record “Facades” (LVEUM). With them: raging hardcore darlings Lucta from Milan, Italy, Athens-via-Volos fuckwave lords Gay Anniversary with their new album “Music for Families” (Είσοδος Κινδύνου Records) and a fabulous Vanity Show by Tranny & the Bear featuring L’Étranger (Athens).


Poster by yours truly, with lettering by Lefteris Yakoumakis. We also made new tote nags (ideal for vinyl!) with a design by my lovely friend Nathalie Magdenel.


In other news, my band Hekáte and I have been busy finishing up some songs for a demo tape (coming Winter 2019). I’m pretty proud of what we’ve done so far. You can get a small taste here. More news on that coming in the Fall!

Until next time, take extremely good care of each other. With love from the clogged plughole of Greece (Athens duh!)





The Struggles…continued

Here are some more episode from The Struggles, a split comic zine made with Lefteris Yakoumakis. Only a few copies left! Get yours at lonelydeathhouse.com. See you in the Fall!

The Struggles, Episode #5: Like, OMG Bitch!

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The Struggles, Episode #6: Social Media Struggles

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The Struggles, Episode #7: Broke Struggles

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The Struggles, Episode #8: Dating Struggles

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The Struggles, Episode #9: Existential Struggles

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